• starting from 1,000 pcs
  • fully customized
  • any style / any color
  • any logo
  • own sampling room

about US

Joy Thai is one of the main players in the field of Custom-Made promotional textile and Workwear. Over our 20 years of active presence in Bangladesh we have developed unique skills to successfully handle fully customized knit productions, from its design to its shipment.

Our friendly and employee-centered corporate culture has allowed us to retain home-grown talent and most of our staff currently boasts over 10 years presence in the company, amounting to a total way over 100 years of combined experience. This gives us a critical advantage in a business where one definitely learns by experience.

our History

Founder - After 3 years working for the commercial section of the French embassy in Beijing and a freight forwarder in Taipei, Gabriel Cardona, a young French national hailing from Marseille, settles in Bangkok at the end of 1992. Following leads and contacts picked up during his freight forwarding years, he starts travelling frequently to Bangladesh, placing and controlling the company's first garment orders for promotional clients by June 1993.

1993 - Joy Thai Co., Ltd is incorporated in Bangkok in February.

1995 - Gabriel settles full time in Bangladesh. The first Joy Thai Dhaka office is incorporated early 1996.

1997 - The first sample room is built on the roof top of the office.

1998 - First exhibition at the Hong Kong Gift & Premium Fair.

2000 - Joy Thai (HK) Ltd is incorporated in Hong Kong and the current group structure is setup.

2001 - Joy Thai employs over 40 persons in its Dhaka office and hits its record sales year of 17 Millions USD handling mostly full containers of plain garment for the account of stock clients (such as the New Wave Group, K.C.F/ Appeal, ITD/Chameleon, Boomerang/ Bewear, Texwear)

2002 - Opening of Joy Thai China office in Shanghai, which will be relocated to Fuzhou in 2006.

Evolution - following the market evolution Joy Thai slowly moved away from producing plain (stock) garments and developed its set of skills and procedures to handle more complex, fully customized productions. Nowadays 90% of our productions are printed or embroidered with our client's logo.

2006 - First exhibition at the PSI Fair, in Dusseldorf Germany

2007 - First exhibition at the A+A Workwear trade show, in Dusseldorf Germany

2013 - Joy Thai celebrates its 20th anniversary


Send your resume to: joythai@joythai.com


All our factories are compliant with what we have always consider to be a normal standard: they do never involve any form of child or forced labor and do not exert any form of abusive behavior towards their employees.

Our factories are then grouped in different tiers based on their level of certification documents, usually BSCI or Asian Inspectors Social Audits. All our factories remain open to our client's visits at any given time.

A very large portion of our factories are also Oekoteks Certified, just ask for it!

Joy Thai is a proud member of the Fair Trade movement under FLO-Cert ID 21399 and we regularly supply Fair Trade certified garments.

our heritage

23 years in Bangladesh
It takes time to nurture and develop strong partnerships in the garment industry. Our 20 years of presence in the field gives us a clear upper-hand when dealing with complex items and productions.
Our Promo Background
Joy Thai has been serving promotionnal companies since the very beginning, so we have developed procedures and habbits that strictly match the market needs for quick quotations, fast sampling and shorter than usual production times.
Having our own teams in factory sending daily reports means we always exactly know what is going on, and this gives you an unmatched knowledge of what is happening in the field with your productions!

in-house design

Enjoy the services of our in-house Graphic Designer

We prepare professional-looking presentations for you and help you clarify all instructions with clear visuals. We like being a part of the product development process and work around the logos and corporate colours of your clients, to offer several style alternatives that will help you close a deal!