• starting from 1,000 pcs
  • fully customized
  • any style / any color
  • any logo
  • own sampling room


With Joy Thai you are buying directly in Bangladesh and in China, while benefitting from our 20 years experience and enjoying the protection of our time-proven procedures.

Running a custom-made textile production in Asia requires the following:

QUANTITY: minimum of 900 to 1,000 pcs (per style and color)
TIME: roughly 60 days for production + 30 days transit by boat, or 5 days by air

If you have the quantity and time, you are free to produce whatever style, color, quality and logo you desire, there are virtually no limits.

Experienced Account Managers will guide you during the project stage and offer suggestion on styles, fabrics and techniques that best suit your market or your budget. You will keep the same contact person throughout all your businesses with Joy Thai (all our account managers have over 10 years presence in the company)

Our in-house Graphic Designer can create precise and exciting visuals for your sales-meeting, and will help all parties communicate more efficiently around the product.

Quotations are made within 48 hours, and routinely within 24 hours.

We keep a revolving stock of fabrics in basic qualities and basic colors, so our in-house samples usually take 5 to 6 days to prepare. However we are also known to make samples as fast as in 48 hours in case of emergencies.

You deal only with one contact person at our Bangkok office. Once an order is confirmed all approvals are made step by step by sending you partial or complete approval samples and/or scanned visuals, depending on your requirements and time in hand.

Information flows constantly between our offices so there are no bad surprises; you are kept informed at all times.

Our own Quality Controllers are present at all times on our production lines and report EVERY DAY on production status and on the technical issues found.

They report to a highly experienced Production Manager who will focus his attention and skills where needed.

All information is also conveyed to the Country Manager who decides which matter must be discussed, rechecked, or negotiated with the Bangkok office, and with you.

Our pyramidal organization has been running for 15 years with the same procedure now and is a well-oiled machine.

Because LOGO IS EVERYTHING Joy Thai will work only with its own nominated printer, embroidery factory and accessories suppliers. Our garment factories do not take part in the branding part, all that part is kept under Joy Thai own and strict control.

Payments are made either by TT or under Letter of Credit, and we work on either FOB or CFR basis.

in-house design

Enjoy the services of our in-house Graphic Designer

We prepare professional-looking presentations for you and help you clarify all instructions with clear visuals. We like being a part of the product development process and work around the logos and corporate colours of your clients, to offer several style alternatives that will help you close a deal!